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The appraisal business has changed over the past several years. Many lenders are now utilizing automated desktop underwriting which specifies the type of appraisal report required.

We offer traditional complete appraisals with full interior inspections as well as all approved limited drive-by appraisal forms.

Benefits of the new limited summary forms are reduced cost and faster delivery! A few of the more common forms are listed below.

1004 (Full Report)Re-Finance
2070 (Drive-By Summary)1095 New Construction (Drive-By)
2075 (Drive-By Summary)2095 New Construction (Drive-By)
2055 (Drive-By Exterior)Duplex / Fourplex
2055 (With Interior Inspection)FHA (With all HUD Required Addendums)
1007 (Rent Comparable Addendum)FHA Compliance Inspection
216 (Operating Income Statement)ERC (Relocations)
Re-Certification Of ValueFinal Inspection
Desk ReviewsField Review

In addition all appraisals can be delivered via EDI (Electronic Document Interchange), email, or through our online Apraisal Trak system. All digitally delivered appraisals are in a secured PDF format with digital signatures.

If you are not familiar with these forms, feel free to call or send us an email and we will explain the differences.

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